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ASHLEY MATTE featured on “Stricly Global” Friday Sep. 17th!!

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Ashley will be featured on a special LILITH episode on Stricly Global, Friday, September 17th.
Airing exclusively on MHz Networks’ national channel, Strictly Global is a two-hour TV
show featuring music videos from throughout the globe, spanning every genre.
The original MHz Networks exclusive production brings viewers new artists not widely
seen via mainstream, commercial media.
Boasting a nationwide US viewership of over 31 million households, Strictly Global is
available through 30 broadcast and cable affiliates, as well as DIRECTV channel 2183
and G-19 satellite, channel 949.
The show is available in the local DC Metro market via broadcast channel 30-1 and
Comcast cable channel 271, Cox channel 470, RCN channel 30 and Verizon FiOS
channel 451, as well as on satellite via DIRECTV 972 and Dish Network channel 8077.
Strictly Global airs each Friday night primetime at 8 pm and again at 11 pm EST.
The show will also be up online for a few days at